Keune Cares

We’re on a mission!

It starts with awareness. Your actions have more impact than you’d think. As a family owned company, we strongly believe it’s out responsibility to take care of the planet and it’s people. Not only for us, but especially for future generations. Find out how we every day ensure positive change and sustainable growth in our business.

1. We Are Powered by the Sun

Our manufacturing plant is entirely powered by solar energy – collected using the 3682 solar panels on our rooftops. And by 2022, our plant in Soest, the Netherlands, will be completely carbon neutral.

2. We Treat Everyone like Family

Everyone deserves equal opportunities in life – and everyone is welcome at our workplace. Since 1995, people with disabilities have been part of the Keune team, working with us on a daily basis. And people from more than 40 countries work at HQ.

3. We Rethink, Recycle and Reuse Plastic

By 2025, we’ll cut our virgin plastic use in half – by using more recycled and bio-based plastics, reducing the amount of plastics in our packaging, and making more packaging reusable and refillable. HQ cuts the amount of plastic packaging they use by more than 2000kg annually – simply by using thinner wrap foil and here in the UK we send your orders out cushioned in recyclable air bags.

4. We Actively Save Water

Even as Keune is growing, we’ve managed to reduce water waste by 37%. And we’ve reduced drinking water use in our plant by 56%, thanks to our local well and a new cleaning system.

5. We Love Trees and Forests

To help ensure the future of rain forests, 75% of our palm-oil based ingredients are RSPO quality certified. By the end of 2021, this will increase to 100%. To promote sustainable forestry, 97% of our cardboard and paper packaging is FSC or PEFC certified – which will grow to 100% by 2021. All your orders coming from us in the UK will be packaged in recycled cardboard and we also encourage e-billing to reduce paper waste.

6. We Never Ever Test on Animals

We love our furry friends, so we never ever test ingredients or final products on animals. And we absolutely refuse to sell Keune products in countries that require animal testing.

7. We Educate People in Need

Everyone deserves a good education. In the inner cities of Brazil, people are being taught to become hairdressers, thanks to our support of the Mangueira project. We sponsor these students with Keune products, and make sure they get a job when they’re done.

8. We Fight Waste

Waste is a waste of good resources! From 2016-19, we cut back on residual waste by 28% – that’s material from our plant that can’t be recycled or re-used. Our manufacturing plant sends absolutely zero industrial waste to landfill.

9. We Offer Fair Working Conditions

All Keune products are made in Soest – all under the same roof as our HQ. This allows us to keep an eye on every step of the process, and ensure that our colleagues work under good conditions & receive fair treatment.